The Dingo Lady

This website is dedicated to the memory of Berenice Walters, the Dingo Lady.

Berenice devoted over 30 years of her life as the Dingo’s advocate. Through commitment to observing, studying, breeding and being at one with the Dingo’s spirit she became a recognised authority.

As the Dingo’s champion she took every opportunity to promote understanding of the dingo, fight for its recognition as an Australian native and educated the public on the truth about it's the characteristics and behaviour.

The Project

From a young age Berenice researched and studied the Dingo and other wild canids (wild dogs, wolves etc) and was ultimately acknowledged worldwide as an authority on the Dingo and for her work contributing significantly to:

  • a greater understanding of the Dingo
  • relaxation of the laws concerning the Dingo

Berenice's records of over 30 years include manuscripts, photos, videos, 8mm film and audio tapes of research and public education.

The Dingo Lady project involves filing, data logging and digitising her records as well as concurrently writing her biography.

Books about Berenice and her Dingoes

Two books, For the Love of a Dingo and Merigal Dingoes, have been published telling of Berenice’s relationship with her dingoes. Please visit the Books page for details.